BALLARD comprises 3 e-novellas:

BALLARD motor court (June 2012)

BALLARD the republic of dogs (February 2013)

BALLARD bonus expeditionary force (June 2013)

Each BALLARD e-book employs the same cast of characters, but from volume to volume the ages, professions, and even genders of each character vary.

In BALLARD motor court, a part-time private detective, a tarot-reading bartender, an alcoholic graphic novelist, a street rabbi, and an intense police investigator all converge on a TOWER of mythic proportions wherein the very nature of reality is being fucked with. Plus, there’s a golem.

BALLARD the republic of dogs is an epic that sprawls across three generations in a dusty desert town in California. It’s got veterans of a latter-day civil war, a lapsed pastor, a hot-rod-drivin’ filmmaker whose methods are … unsound, and a group of paintings in an underground chamber whose sway is mesmerizing.

And finally, there is BALLARD bonus expeditionary force. Inspired by a mash-up of Francisco Goya, Barack Obama’s drone program, The Rolling Stones’ tour of American in November, 1969, and the protest march on Washington, DC, of the Bonus Army in 1932, this final volume wrestles with art, reality, fate, and immortality. Oh, and there’s a talking motorcycle, too.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. i must admit, i got a little hooked…now trying to wait patiently (drums fingers on the table).

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