Friday, April 15, 2011

The peeps who made it so …

In no particular order (except for the first one, of course); here is my recollection of the TOKYOPOP staff pantheon:

Ministirsky: who made Kino no Tabi so beautiful in English I just had to marry her
Tony D: mixmaster par excellence
@MikeEstacio: follow this mofo!
Joe mac: Pika-chooooo!
Anna k is a Hungarian force of nature
Monalisa: the most sonorous name at TP; grace under fire
Ally: so glad she never sic’ced the paisanes on me
Helen never missed a beat
Morrissey: a very very good dude; and a prince of los feliz
R2: once told Stein that poker was not a complicated game, at least not the way she played it
Stein: the Audrey Hepburn of editors
Hurch: Sailor Mike & DJ Milky – ’nuff said?
I bet Lucas grew so weary of the term ‘taxonomy’
Beedle: a fellow Philip Pullman fan
Gary turned me on to Death from Above 1979
Vy: try publishing 40 books a month w/o Vy – that’s right, can’t do it, can you?
the man, the myth, the legend … victor chin
hodgkins: the only amii i have ever known
JPool: sensible enough to not let amiih get away
Maury Mac is of course the RAVE master
Pinky: John Powers: former shredder, now tickler of the ivories
Special K: still looking for something Kasia couldn’t kick ass at
Smitty: the receptionist?
Pavia: Marco was probably the best of us though I am still pissed at him for missing my wedding
J-Chen: why did anyone else ever really bother to enter the annual H’ween costume contest?
Brizzi: pretty sure she was foreign … but what an amazing artist!
Nixon: the best surfer in the history of TP
Alan Payne: the king of the direct market
AMH: superb in every way … and now the queen of the roller derby
CFox — Pride and Prejudice: The Manga! Wish we could’ve helped you finish that, Carol
Lewter: the wizard of Blizzard, and a master storyteller in his own right
J-Lo: suave enough that I always thought of him as the asian james bond of designers
Cindy actually understands HETALIA
Billy: hardest rocking IT support dude on the planet
The late great Ted Kim: never met a slab of bacon he didn’t like; lives on as the voice on the TP answering machine
The very much alive Ted Kim: on his way to becoming King of Hollywood
Tomas Montalvo Lagos: serious skills but always thought with a name like that he coulda been an assassin or something
Wendy: show me another financial analyst who circled the globe on a motorcycle
Trond is from Norway, give him a break
Zach – thankfully i never learned the origin of his nickname, Crotchy
J Wags: the production maestro behind TOKYOPOP’s anime
Thuyvil Dangit: my UCI homeboy – we broke it out large, Dang!
Julie Taylor: we all owe you so much, Jools
Noi — my fellow world-traveler; took me to Japan and made sure I apologized in the proper way
Just how DID Tom get all those interns?
Kay — her dog pooped on Stu’s chair one wkend
Paniccia: his Mort impression was a killer; plus, ‘Panic’ and ‘CIA’ are in his last name, in that order
Jod: his Klamert impression was even better
Alford – wicked genius
Andre: the dude who invented the robofish!
Amanda: put us on the map, internationally
Matt Galgani: one of the founding fathers
We should’ve really let Jake run with SGT FROG; his instincts were right
Galiter; putting up with Powers and Pavia couldn’t’ve been easy
Galley had one sweet collection of kicks!
The indefatigable and irrepressible Luis Reyes
Steven Calcote once read my copy of neal stephenson’s anathem in like 4 days and seemed to understand it
Uyloan: it was a killer when we lost her to Viz
C-Lownds: fierce, man, just fierce; a brother you’d go into battle with
Zanni: still remember her hawking her sex book on the radio w/Jools – awesomeness
Bryce — don’t think anyone was happier the day Stan Lee visited the office
J-Lee: foodie, yogi, Thom Yorke acolyte
Imperato: T-Boo!
Alexis Kirsch: christen him viceroy of yaoi
Our 12 Kingdoms conscience – Peter Ahlstrom
Ariyana – a trooper on the last leg of our adventure
CBabb – one fly guy
Jurka: the architect of the Brain
Brian Redfern: another of my UCI peeps; also wails on the oud
Jeremy – OGM founder and rock photographer to the gods
Show-Joe: made tradeshows his bitches on a regular basis
Susan Danziger, who was there for me when I needed her, and taught me ht work a tradeshow
Susan Jaget: one of the EC2 crew
Dash: another in a line of superb TOKYOPOP production artists/managers
Dana — remember when it was just you, me, and Ted?
Ben — the sultan of sounds
Csontos – started as “blue line lou;” became so much more
Dais … quite literally, the hardest working man in show business
Mr Dennis McGuirk: very cool guy esp considering he had to overcome being a Brit
Gavin: novels, comics, screenplays … and motorcycles!
J Bryson – one of the original OEL dev eds — girl could pitch
Nothing ordinary about Jojo
Freshney — drove a mini-cooper before they were legal in los angeles
The At-Law Josey Wales: purveyor of stellar counsel and cringeworthy puns
Junior: the beloved Jenn Miller who always kept the trains running on time
hope d: still waters run deep
the real rob tokar: knew more about comics in his pinky than i’ll ever know in my life
hilleryp – went off to conquer the land down under
Hyun: made us look good in Korea
Michael P: dude got skillz
LDP – the little general – our best foot forward – our ambassador-at-large!
Leigh: never stopped trying to convince me that an ‘H’ was a ‘haitch” in Australia … seriously?
Randy: designed what is still my favorite version of; still in use at
Milligan: had all the best lines in the VVH movie
Rui – knockout coverage of light novels … and so much more
Michelle N: chubbybunny w/o whom goth-loli wouldn’t’ve happened
mayumi: a stupa … and an idol singer!
Honorof: made digital shit happen
Cary Tan: relatively Ok guy considering he’s from singapore and went to the Univ of Texas
Taka – one of the TP-KK crew; such a good dude
Aaron Sparrow is now some part of the twitterati, as I understand it
Skooooter! – the mightiest of mighty mites
SMoore – the first stupa to wear the title; girl knows her way around town
Sho and his wife once took me to kabuki in Tokyo
The Schilling Sisters: can do it all; they invented soup-to-nuts
Rod Sampson – another EC2 alum; among the first in a long line of twisted and ridiculously talented TP designers
Jane – must now be laughing at Vic and I changing backup tapes every Fri afternoon
Neamand – beans were never counted so elegantly as by Scott
Doc J invented manga in Europe … really, it didn’t exist there before Joachim
Kiyomi – the sweetest, hardest-working girl ever; made my first trip to japan so memorable
Ms. Fawn Lau: saved our bacon so many times
Kleck: broke us out into stores across the country
For some reason I always thought of Kathryn Klingler as the Catherine Deneuve of licensing
Marcy Goot: arguably the best surname in the company’s history
Ghen Laraya: and, ditto, the first name
KBT — our publicity maven during the breakout years; go, Kristien!
Rie: developed some of the coolest of our OGM titles from Japan
Big C used to handle shipping before he moved on to the cars and the ladies
Joel B: Mr Baral from back in the day, managed the HELL out of some brands
Christina – the final stupa; has a puffing blue penguin at her desk
Dear Lainie: I know it’s sacrilege, but I still like Fever Ray better than The Knife
Kyle: all things considered, not too shabby for a guy from Oklahoma
Chelsea: a great designer who reads modern poetry? beat that, any other company in the world
Tim Snead invented Excel
Prather: got mowed down in the june ’08 purge and then did amazing freelance work
Lisa: Borders went bankrupt after she left
Asako: conscientiousness incarnate
Once I tricked Mort into paying a bill early … no, not really, I never did
Marga: how cool is it that she’s almost a nurse now?
Mr. Lashley, thank you for the Pop Fiction covers
Jenna W – bled redskin crimson
Jenny C: tolerated my lame spreadsheet questions with grace & patience
Jason & Rhona – I will always think of you as a unit; our otaku consciences
Buford may one day producer a sequel to SCANNERS — sorry, was that too joseyesque?
Eddie — I will always remember Eddie’s interview; he showed up wearing a tie – class act all the way

And so many others: Jason Youn, Grace, Creechan, Colin, Seth, JDV, Elain, Emi, Cathy, Cori, Patrick, Nikhil, Rene, Jordan, Laura B, Julianne, Mr. Lebowitz, Mandy, Mina, Kara, Stephanie, Vera … if I’ve forgotten anyone it’s not because they weren’t incredible; it’s only due to my sieve-like memory.