While BALLARD motor court is speculative science fiction and BALLARD the republic of dogs is an apocalyptic western, the forthcoming BALLARD bonus expeditionary force is (at least so far) proving to be a kind of fantastical documentary inspired by the mashing up of two historical events.

The first of which is the march on Washington, D.C., of the Bonus Army in 1932; the second is The Rolling Stones’ tour of North America in November, 1969.

Whether my re-imagining of what happened in Anacostia Flats in the 30’s laced with more than a soupçon of the genius and ultimate tragedy (at Altamont, the free concert that killed the 60’s) of the barnstorming Stones will work is anybody’s guess at this point. But it seems to be forming with a will of its own … which, in my experience, is a very good thing.

More excerpts forthcoming over the next few months leading to publication this summer …