Reader reviews are vital to the success of any self-published book. Even adventurous readers are reluctant to invest precious time in a writer who is unknown to them. UNLESS that potential reader sees that OTHER readers have found the book worthwhile.

So, in that spirit, and I know I’m asking a lot here—who’s got the time to review books?—I’d like to request that those of you who have read BALLARD motor court go to one (or more!) of these four places and record your thoughts about my book:

iTunes: click on the blue View in iTunes button on the left side of the screen (just beneath the thumbnail of the book’s cover); then click on Customer Reviews at the bottom of the page in iTunes.

Amazon: click on the Review link right underneath my name as Author

Barnes & Noble: again, click on the Review link right underneath my name as Author

Smashwords: the Reviews section is at the very bottom of the page

And, just so you all know: you don’t even have to write a glowing review (that’s called PR, I think). Although of course I hope you love BALLARD,  I am much more interested in hearing what you really think about it, so don’t be shy.

Thanks, everyone!